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If you own a modern commercial vehicle, then you are probably aware of what complicated machines they are - gone are the days when engines were purely mechanical. All modern engines now have at least some degree of computer control, and some vehicles systems are all controlled by a single central computing processing system.

This makes fault-finding very difficult if you are not a motor vehicle engine expert. The good news for you is that here at Gibfield Garage we are fully up-to-date with modern engine systems, and we have the equipment to diagnose nearly all engine-related issues.

If your engine management warning light comes on or your car starts to run badly, it's important to get your car checked out as soon as possible. Call us now to book your diagnostic check and we can use our advanced technology to find the fault as soon as possible in order to avoid you costly bills.

Most people don't realise they have an problem until the car fails the MOT, the engine management warning light comes on or the car starts to run badly. Then they are unsure of how to proceed. Here at Gibfield Garage we have the most advanced equipment and our staff are trained to the highest levels to ensure that we can solve your fuel-injection and diagnostic problems.

Our Vehicle Diagnostics Service ensures that you have no related problems further down the road. As an established car service centre you can trust in our reputation for excellence and the high quality service that we offer.

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